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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

where to find a location

I live in Lyons, Illinois, to be exact, and I am absolutely looking for a clinic, the b12-LiPo-shot program. I was on something similar, where I would get three images per week and 14 shakes for a week, for a total of 700 calories per day and it worked well for me, it was Weigh Inn in Chicago and the clinic nurse who led the deaths on a decade ago. If one has all the information and can therefore, I started, I appreciate it greatly. Best Regards


Fun motivation


I am in the process of my diet on New Year's resolutions ... I want brownies in the worst way! But I came across a website with the most beautiful things of motivational programs and bought a shirt. It is a funny chicken and she said never surrender. Do I, when I urged that the chocolate, I will raise, and go to the gym. This is a really sweet idea. Check the website.

Just ingredients please

OK, I weigh 200 pounds, trying to make the 170th Vanity and health. I am currently on a pile of ECA, with the fog tablets primates (2), 1 Asprin and 1 tablet of 200mg of caffeine. I take this 2-3 times a day to suppress my appetite. I also drink lots of water (probably not Enuf rivers) and coffee (addicted.)

I had some success, has lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks, but I am also only1500 food calories per day. No traffic .... Please - no sermon as I have in college and work and study, and sometimes the time to sleep.

question ..... I am over the bitter orange. I know that every precaution, so please ... Again, no sermon.

Is there a formula for OTC drugs / suppliments that appetite? I know there are pills 10000 Amazing it ........ not interested, because I do not the ingredients that are not expenses and BS, which used to affect the actual appetite suppression or weight loss.

Any help appreciated ...... BTW .... I am 43 years old, 5'11 "small frame and I am not very active ..... overall fitness.

If you answer a DUT amazing magic formula, which waste my time and energy.

Thanks for your answers.

Appetite comes in eating

I just go to wait until something happens. My life has been generally boring today. I like that.

found a site for ephedra, got my order last week

Hey guys, I have a page Great service, quality products and, ultimately, results.

how i lost 60 pound sin just under 2 months, the right way

It's just information. not need to register. ever the cost.


The food is associated with comfort, security and comfort that is so tempting, if life is boring, full of stress or loneliness. We use food as dealing with feelings and unpleasant emotions. Food, like drugs or alcohol, emotional pain can be dull or temporary mental vacuum filled. Self-help techniques peuvent aider la chae, terme, pour la cuisine et frigo: 1) note. Keep a food diary, record everything you eat, where, when, why, the state of mind when you eat alone. 2) a list of your triggers. Make a list of problematic situations, food and feelings. Once you have the profile, you can order the publication. 3) your cravings. Many people eat when they are very tired and thirsty. Learn to distinguish between the real body signals hunger or nutritional needs and emotional triggers to eat. With the emotional triggers that can distract you with a walk or anything else. If you choose appropriate, for example, under arrest, if you for the food industry. Remember that the urge to spend about twenty minutes. 4) food mindfully. Choose a place to eat in the house. Enjoy your meal. No other activities - especially radio and television - while you eat. 5) learn to cope with stress. Regular exercise helps. You can use deep breathing or meditation at any time and anywhere to help you with desire. Finally, positive thinking.

Visit to find answeres to poll question

THe ShapeWorks QuickStart program 0-5 kg in one month
the advanced program of support, where all of 6-24 kg in one month, the ShapeWorks Ultimate Program is designed so that they lose 25 + in a month.
All results vary from person to person and depends on you.

The niteworks is patent pending product, based on research of the Nobel? scientific, vascular diseases and circulatory health? and energy.

If you want extra support for your weight loss program or need help, that the pursuit of hard-won ideal weight, the active fiber.

Core Complex Developed with Nobel Laureate in Medicine Dr. Lou Ignarro, Core Complex targets four key indicators of heart health: cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine and oxidative stress , <, / span>

Looking Spooktacular for Halloween Challenge!!!

The HCG Challenge

Ive been reading these forums for some time and I thought taking this challenge as IVE never been nothing like it before.

The name of the HCG challenge very similar to the largest losers, but everyone can support, and it appears that current members will lose large amounts of weight. Here is a link to all their blogs

Checkout Lori, shes losing more than a pound a day

< ;, br> blog / hcg/10 /

I 90 kg. As my mother said, I've released to others. much power and are not much to eat. Sometimes I suddenly get a strange dream where I wake up and say, Chicken Tikka and Biryani. I wake up in cold sweats. I even have a conversation with my stomach on the dining table. Show salad, my stomach growls and complains that I have the acid, but I calm down, saying that you always have food and Chicken Tikka Biryani. Now, see what she has done for you. You must eat this salad and see how they will be happy.

Lose by Christmas

hey ive never had a training plan and was never really a plan, but now in the race to start and we hope that they lose up to Christmas, but I have many questions ... creatien's okay Cuz ive had my people of their fine and some say it is bad for you, how many calories should I eat in a day?, and it is a routine training during this time I?

sorry if this is in the wrong place, but thanks ...

Diet Failure

Yes, that's right. The chance that you will lose weight and keep it close to 5%.

Charleton and their brother has advantsge that by selling the pills, a program or a book does not.

If you want to lose weight and keep me writing There is no charge for my service. I will contact you by e-mail free, and I'll show you a method that you provide to others.

Take the Herbalife Challenge

If you are interested in healthy weight loss without hunger yourself, or exercises. Herbalife is here to help!

Look at all these incredible stories of success with the Herbalife products. / hl / templates / templatepreportal / Herbalife / products / success.jsp

I know that some of them are a bit unreal, for the short time.

I'm only with Herbalife products for a month. I have 15 books, and go buy new pants soon and you know what? It's really impressive! I'm really awake when I am in the morning. I have lots of energy all day long and never in the middle of the day.

To make a product presentation online, click the link below. The products are life changing! / web / browse / PP / startPresentation.cfm

Each product has a 30-day money back guarantee because we know that the products .

Still not enough, and then guess what. I would be interested in a free product sample pack.

You have nothing to lose but your weight and bad habits!

For your health,

Gundler , you will understand what it means Weightloss Program ideas before him.

Good luck and deep

[/ img]

Weight loss challenge website?

While some with Google, I found this website - - seems to be free to challenge (but when was the last time a page is not to take you to a fee somewhere).

Has anyone tried it? Who wants a challenge and try with me?


| | | hello, I want our fitness tracking site http:// ) at the secondary level, for this reason that the position of others, I ask if anyone has tried this product, you can back up claims that their site?

Ita? Ia s possible? kidding me a pill that can help, and most messages on this forum suggest that maybe, just maybe.

I thank you for your time to read my first post, I hope this is the first of many here.


Ive never felt better!!!

I must say that if you had asked me a year ago that I could feel this good to me again, I would have laughed in the face. I do what I thought never to be able to do so again in my life. I weighed 260 pounds last year on my birthday. Last week I finished a little under 10k in 210 pounds. I feel incredible. I never dreamed I could burn my body fat and strengthen muscles. No drugs, no supplements, no shock metabolic nutrition. Everything he had a lot of professional expertise and a genuine desire to create a new me. My goal is 195 pounds and guess what ..... in almosthere.

New - Wondering about fat burning pills


I am 22 years old. I weigh 172, measuring 5'5 ".

I am not overweight horrible, but I am overweight.

I just started college and I eat in the cafeteria, it makes a little more difficult, I think I do because it is really very useful.

I eat a bowl of Raisin Bran bread for breakfast, with milk. For lunch, I started to eat a grilled chicken Caesar wrap (wheat wrap, lettuce, cheese Parmiggiani (small amount), Caesar dressing (small amount), chicken, peppers, tomatoes). For dinner I eat a little more, because if I am hungry, I usually eat salad (lettuce, onions, green / black olives, croutons, cheese, Caesar dressing) and two other things, for example, I was now a part of the lasagna with a steak and the sauce.

that before I make dinner in 40 minutes walking, and sometimes 30 minutes and run a few laps in the pool.

I am at least 40 mg of Prozac, so I think my appetite is reduced to something, then I changed it to 30mg. I also Synthroid, I have all my life, because my thyroid hormone is not supposed too.

I'm wondering, can you my diet is good?

on my perception, you feel good that I do?

I am wondering about the fat burning pills and tablets, which, if your metabolism guys had any suggestions?

And finally, what do I do if they are pizza or something as delicious as this, but the mast? It's not that there is pizza, because there are healthy foods. But as he pushes me to eat. It is really difficult.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to your suggestions.

my story and photos

Ok. This is the story, so I have on my heaviest was about 320, I was like that for about 10 to Freshman year in college. I've always been big in the 200. After graduating, I decided hey ... I love boxing, so I tried, soon found that, in any form on the ground, whatever lol. Commenced training has risen to 195, still considered crap IMO. A lot of heart, it is lost, ate verry much ... Such is the case, then boom in a few months, up 270 ... then, as I can never get back to 320, so I was 08th again in February. * Exercise its ez for me, this time, during my research I eat the right foods and the quantity and keep the muscles actually increased my strength while burning fat. In fact, I I'm weakened by force or not, if the fat to lose. also in the seats on the 210 currently to more muscle mass than the last time ... is not quite satisfied ... People are in fine to me and I do not need to be small ... But I did not build decent sound, it seems I'm too cowardly, or skin, or I just store more fat on the skin of the wall when I shut the solid phase of fat. Trainers hold me still further and reduce, but when I checked my bf can read 12 percent ... I can not believe it when 12 percent of body fat that will look as follows. I do not care about using stretch ... Lol I like it, but always in the struggle for the tone I want. I just know if possible, as lean as I want or I could skin, but it does not seem to lose if a skin specialist told me I had 50 kg of fat to lose, as id ( Yes I said it is happy), because I know I can lose in a year. if it can not be helped, but I would Bugge.

now 23, i usually Workout 4 or five times a week. I hold about 200 grams of protein in my body the day I vitamins. my calorie intake can be anywhere from 1600 to 2200 per day per day, as we work on that day or not. Carbohydrates held during the day, when active and protein and vegetables, if not active. I really want to lean 200 lbs ... so I do not want to lose any more weight, but I do not think that in the best form for the moment ... I miles ... i lift heavy ... but still not satisfied. The statistics are

23 years

contribute to a 38-inch size

210 lbs now

5 feet 11 pouces

usually train for about 3 or 4 hours per day . Weight lifting and cardio is about 30 minutes. usuallly run solid non-stop about a mile then slowly one and a half-mile, usually between 10 to 14 minutes at a time and up to 14th, then maybe some regular cycling for another 20 minutes to get the burning of fat. I weight train with free weights, first, the heart is that the end of the workout. I have every day, and this waiver and turn Arsenal Techs satisfied with muscular build.

mainly to see if a professional or family can view the photos and the answers to these questions.

1) the skin is loose or FAT box or combo of both ...

2) or do I have much more fat to lose, and do not forget that 12% have read

3) if I need to burn more fat and if so, do I have more muscles then reduce to 200 or does it get more weight and built in 200 muscles? I want 200 and fines.

http:// i377. Thank you.


Newbie on here!


New side, I try to lose weight and I am still very good. My son and I decided to document the process and on the way, some pretty funny / sad movies. I invite you to do, some are long - very long tooooo. Before you all, if you decide, I stutter, so that videos can be a bit painful to see, but what was surprisingly better than my stuttering, I am committed to sound better each time.

In any case, enjoy / # 1,641,988 and is the first of a series on You Tube http://

Thank you, < ;, br /> Joe Gere

i lost over 20lb

I may be close to 20lb about 30lb

me he did not so long ago, and during that time, I was full of energy

so I do not think a lot of pain is determined by the weight loss progress

Now I'm on the product i used to lose weight

and I really want to do my story and help, what can < br>
lose weight .. ..

e-mail and I will answer ur question

<;! - E -> / gmangunther

two are for the same product
Both work well < br /> Both cost about the same.

how one is better?

Ive for both parties to facilitate your decision, I hope

Wellness Coach

I am an independent distributor for Herbalife. Herbalife is a company that specalizes in weight management. Drink shake for breakfast and lunch and a varied menu for lunch and watch the weight fall to the right. Let me know if you or someone you know May is concerned. I want to help you shed a few pounds.

A systematic approach

Can you give us more than 40 pounds lighter in 3 months? If so, go to It is quite simple. If you do not lose weight in 10 days, you get a refund.If do, you start to lose weight, stay on the program, and you can lose 40 pounds in 3 months. That's what we do. We do not sell supplements, exercise or premade meals. We specialize in the customer losing at least 30 pounds in 3 months. That's it. Everything we do here in the context of our ultimate goal, a program that will be 40 pounds lighter. And we are very good. Our plans are 40 pounds, weight loss, because each plan is designed specifically to meet your needs and is constantly adapted to your progress. Our plans are specifically tailored to your body and be reviewed every two weeks. There is no guessing with our plans. If your training routine and eating, you lose a minimum of 40 pounds in 3 months.

regimes should not be taken or not. You should never ask when you are on a diet if you lose a lot or little, and how long it takes to lose weight. The purchase of a diet should be like anything you buy, and if you buy it, you need to know exactly what they do. The tailor-made diet
deposit a minimum of 40 pounds in 3 months. Many people lose more in May, but the minimum weight loss is 40 pounds. And like anything else you buy, if they are not in the first 10 days, you'll have your money *. So, if what you want is at least 40 pounds lighter, a diet and get lost 40 pounds.

Realizing my situation...HELP!

This worked for me, i GUARANTEE it'll work for you too!

Have you tried every weight loss FAD to date?
Bon Gunna not sit here and lie to you ...
I have to.
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Amazing Weight Loss

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Challenge To Lose 5 lbs

Hello Mimi, I weigh 195 kg grrrr its difficult for me to say. Also in 2007, I lost about 40 to 45 kg on a weight loss diet with a doctor in my town. It contains the appetite and gunshots and vitamin B12. Well, I held for about 1 year and then I have to eat larger portions and more exercise, because many things have happened, it started my life. As my friend and killed the son of my friend in the church 20yrs son died of cancer, and of course all the rest. Well, I done that for a year, but gosh it retains its hard to save weight. But I found this site hoping to find, so the motivation to do so again. The appetite and all the others.

I do Monday 16 March 2009

In foods at least 3 fruit a day,
In vegetables at least 3 meals per day
In the perception of everyday

Monday, I weighed 195 and in the attempt to
lost 5 kg in 3 weeks. Of course, I want to lose faster
but there's really all I know about this period. With diet and exercise.

My weakness is pizza, pasta, bread and
my friend at work is a thin pizza SMEELLLLLLLLLLLLS cuzin
good Sunday, but the attempt to pass the time / support


12 Easy Ways to Help You Lose Weight

1. Use of weight
ladies, listen! That is why men lose 5 pounds after the execution of the block a few times and we have 5 months! You have more muscle than we do. 1 pound of muscle burns 50 calories, 1 pound of fat burns 2nd Do you work with weights to build muscle and increase your metabolism so you burn more calories. Also, muscle takes up less space than fat, which will be smaller (but probably more important).

2nd set itself the goal of

time to lose weight and write it. For example, before Christmas, I will lose 10 pounds. Send to a friend, you will be responsible for this situation.

3rd Soda Give

If you drink a soda or 2 days you add empty calories. Even if it is DIET SODA! The amount of chemicals in the diet soda is always interested in sugar and fat. If you find it difficult not to stop, try something like Crystal Light. Your goal should be to all soda.

4th Grill or cook

Avoid fried foods. Grill or cook your food, you'll feel much better, and you will not be so difficult.

5th Do not buy junk food

Keep your home 'junk food free "to not be tempted to exploit. Just do not buy. It is banned in your home.

6th Eat breakfast,

Drink at the top of your calories per day and always eat breakfast. Take a good carb, such as old oats, giving you full and satisfied until lunch.

7th Give yourself a treat

If you say you're not something you want more. You always want to complete satisfaction. Eat half of a witness or a fun size SNICKERS. Then drink plenty of water!

8th Drink plenty of water

drink water when you're hungry and you think that the "full" feeling. Not only do you not feel that hunger, your skin will be better, feel better and feel better. Your pee should be clear.

9th Eat five or six meals a day

Eat more often on the edge of your metabolism high. Remember how your car. If you are moving a bit, are you with the fuel. If you stop and turn off the car every time you come to a stop, you are not as fuel combustion. If you eat every few hours you feed the fire and burn more fuel (fat).

10th Plan your sessions

Enter your training sessions in your journal or planner. It takes only 21 days to start a new habit. If you do not feel like work, repeat these words to him: "Action leads to motivation. D'action leads to motivation. "

If more than 11 training sessions per day

If you cook a dinner, a few feet pose. If your hair blowdrying, some squatters. If you are the biggest muscle groups for training, you burn more calories throughout the day.

12 Keep pre-cut vegetables and fruit

fruit may help curb the greedy and vegetables "crunch", the chip - avid amateurs.

stephburns Stephanie. /

Free Gift for Your Honest Opinion


I struggled with obesity and the shape of my adult life. At the age of 49 years, I finally these issues under control. During the past year, I wrote an electronic book that my ideas on how your bad habits for good health. [This means that you lose weight without having to buy and adapt the diet or weight loss products.]

I would ask some people on my site and me to give their honest opinion, good or bad. [Is it credible? If they are for men and women? Gross errors, etc?]

I want to say I AM NOT send you here to buy. If you just tell me what do you think of buying or why you want to buy, you want a free copy of the e-book [If you wish, that is.] < , br />
; website is

Thank you, Mike

HELP LosING Body fat quickly

iM, in the navy and 29% body fat ... The limit is 24 %..... I have the choice to lose the 4% of my weight to 195, I am currently 244 (iM FUCKED YEAH) so im trying to get a comment on the way to lose weight BODY FAT or the fastest one or Doin. ..... IVE BEEN rules my meals and jogging that I must be able to RUN 1.5 km in 14 minutes ..... I MIN to 16.25 .... IVE also DOING PUSH UPS AND SIT UP .... Can you help me ????????? ANY ADVICE seriously ... My e-mail address is RICANVILLIN@YAHOO.COM