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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

15 pounds to lose.


I'm around 129 pounds, and the end of June, I would be somewhere like the 115th Well, the figures are not as good, but I am losing my hand of love. You are what bug me the most, and my belly. I tried to order all my sweets and fatty foods, eating mostly fruits, vegetables, and grain filling. The problem is my weakness is chocolate ... and anything else with sugar! I was fantastic to do, but since I found I did not get the result, I hope, with diet and my plan, I began to eat small amout disired my sweets. I feel sooooooo guilty, so I end to eat. UGH! In any case, I better stop babbling. I really wonder if someone could me with exercises (not with weights or something) and how many minutes do I need to lose weight. Even if one of you know how many cups of green tea to drink, I once in my MatAB. infromation please me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! They are absolutely wonderful! | | | Jazzifer Hi!

I know exactly how you are on diets. The second you think the word is the day I need nachos. I hope that Forum members do not think I am a broken record, but it really works!

I eat healthy (God food) for 2 days and what I want (man-made food) to the third place. Godmade includes dairy products, meat, fruit, vges, legumes. Do not count calories, not points, and what you do ... Do not cut calories or you have your metabolism. This method is the conversion of your body to metabolize these delicious foods to which we are all over. If your desired weight, you can turn to eat every two days to wait. Here is a link that explains what needs to be cut to the good days ... Bread, pasta, potatoes, white ...