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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my story and photos

Ok. This is the story, so I have on my heaviest was about 320, I was like that for about 10 to Freshman year in college. I've always been big in the 200. After graduating, I decided hey ... I love boxing, so I tried, soon found that, in any form on the ground, whatever lol. Commenced training has risen to 195, still considered crap IMO. A lot of heart, it is lost, ate verry much ... Such is the case, then boom in a few months, up 270 ... then, as I can never get back to 320, so I was 08th again in February. * Exercise its ez for me, this time, during my research I eat the right foods and the quantity and keep the muscles actually increased my strength while burning fat. In fact, I I'm weakened by force or not, if the fat to lose. also in the seats on the 210 currently to more muscle mass than the last time ... is not quite satisfied ... People are in fine to me and I do not need to be small ... But I did not build decent sound, it seems I'm too cowardly, or skin, or I just store more fat on the skin of the wall when I shut the solid phase of fat. Trainers hold me still further and reduce, but when I checked my bf can read 12 percent ... I can not believe it when 12 percent of body fat that will look as follows. I do not care about using stretch ... Lol I like it, but always in the struggle for the tone I want. I just know if possible, as lean as I want or I could skin, but it does not seem to lose if a skin specialist told me I had 50 kg of fat to lose, as id ( Yes I said it is happy), because I know I can lose in a year. if it can not be helped, but I would Bugge.

now 23, i usually Workout 4 or five times a week. I hold about 200 grams of protein in my body the day I vitamins. my calorie intake can be anywhere from 1600 to 2200 per day per day, as we work on that day or not. Carbohydrates held during the day, when active and protein and vegetables, if not active. I really want to lean 200 lbs ... so I do not want to lose any more weight, but I do not think that in the best form for the moment ... I miles ... i lift heavy ... but still not satisfied. The statistics are

23 years

contribute to a 38-inch size

210 lbs now

5 feet 11 pouces

usually train for about 3 or 4 hours per day . Weight lifting and cardio is about 30 minutes. usuallly run solid non-stop about a mile then slowly one and a half-mile, usually between 10 to 14 minutes at a time and up to 14th, then maybe some regular cycling for another 20 minutes to get the burning of fat. I weight train with free weights, first, the heart is that the end of the workout. I have every day, and this waiver and turn Arsenal Techs satisfied with muscular build.

mainly to see if a professional or family can view the photos and the answers to these questions.

1) the skin is loose or FAT box or combo of both ...

2) or do I have much more fat to lose, and do not forget that 12% have read

3) if I need to burn more fat and if so, do I have more muscles then reduce to 200 or does it get more weight and built in 200 muscles? I want 200 and fines.

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