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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Challenge To Lose 5 lbs

Hello Mimi, I weigh 195 kg grrrr its difficult for me to say. Also in 2007, I lost about 40 to 45 kg on a weight loss diet with a doctor in my town. It contains the appetite and gunshots and vitamin B12. Well, I held for about 1 year and then I have to eat larger portions and more exercise, because many things have happened, it started my life. As my friend and killed the son of my friend in the church 20yrs son died of cancer, and of course all the rest. Well, I done that for a year, but gosh it retains its hard to save weight. But I found this site hoping to find, so the motivation to do so again. The appetite and all the others.

I do Monday 16 March 2009

In foods at least 3 fruit a day,
In vegetables at least 3 meals per day
In the perception of everyday

Monday, I weighed 195 and in the attempt to
lost 5 kg in 3 weeks. Of course, I want to lose faster
but there's really all I know about this period. With diet and exercise.

My weakness is pizza, pasta, bread and
my friend at work is a thin pizza SMEELLLLLLLLLLLLS cuzin
good Sunday, but the attempt to pass the time / support


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