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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Need HELP!

I'm just a really difficult time. With a toothpick skinny twin does not. I have in a car accident, those of the page where the train struck. I was 140 pounds, now a little over 200 pounds. It hurts because I won, that much of paralized for more than half a year. This happened 2 years ago, new year 2007. No matter what I do not eat or how many hours I excersize, I am unable to lose weight. My Docters an overdose of a sedative me on my 6-times the normal dose for a little over a year and a half, until I kept passing and almost went into another coma.
I really tried my damndest to lose weight and nothing works. I went from 14 medications on November 2 This order was great, but I have severe arthritis and can do everything for them no more, because I bleed internally. Everyone says excersize more, and you lose weight and maintain, you have so much pain. But what does not!
I am not sure if someone was in a coma for about 4 months and actually gained weight to an accident or are on certain medications / perscriptions slowly your metabalism up nothing, but I am now and need someone to help.
I also have a very low thyroid, on medication for it, maybe that's why I fall in May, I really do not know, but if someone has a sub - function or a thyroid gland is too high and they had trouble losing weight, please tell me how to use the decline.
I know I should talk to my doctors and specialists on this subject, but not all, but tell me to excersize and should help me and sufficient. It does not work!

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