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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Inspiration for weight losers

Sami plays piano at the age of five. It has always been a part of him. The process of composing music and while maintaining the final product is very rewarding. In compositions that can vent his thoughts and frustrations. Singing is therapy for him. It is after all the background is ready. While singing just to sing and upset. In short, everyone has his own kind. I love them all equally.

I managed to lose much weight.

I 90 kg. As my mother said, I've released to others. much power and are not much to eat. Sometimes I suddenly get a strange dream where I wake up and say, Chicken Tikka and Biryani. I wake up in cold sweats. I even have a conversation with my stomach on the dining table. Show salad, my stomach growls and complains that I have the acid, but I calm down, saying that you always have food and Chicken Tikka Biryani. Now, see what she has done for you. You must eat this salad and see how they will be happy.

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