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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

College Student/ Body Builder/ Aspriring ENT.

Tell me what you think of this idea, please ....... And honest. I graduated from university with degrees and 2 weeks of construction show a body. I want to help people be motivated to become healthy and lose weight. Here's the idea:

Nothing is more satisfying than to meet a goal, and always healthier. I am organizing a "Biggest Loser" of competition, the benefits you (the customer) and creates incentives for the large weight loss and more people to competition.
It is a beginning and a final weight in weight after the final weighing, according to the amount of weight you lost and how many people you compete control. If you are under 20 in your name and lose 10 pounds. They will cut a check for $ 200 at the last weigh! (* # Persons mentioned lbs lost = money in your pocket)

First weigh in:
Check-in and if you are looking for someone, make sure send me their names. There will be a weight of your photo (on site),% body fat and measurements. There is not much time and date of the first weigh depending going at least 40 people to give. Once the requirement is a place to be.

$ 120 With a little hard work, you return and make a profit!

A website is currently under construction for competitors as guidelines. I will be mentioned and offers meal plans, meetings this week, if not every day. It is a place where you can ask questions and talk to other competitors as you. My phone number is 24 / 7 for those who are for the support.

Final Weigh in:
It is 12 weeks after the first weight step in. At this point, you weigh, on average, and a control your hard work!

This is my way to help, encourage and guide people towards a new healthier lifestyle, giving you a great boost to the idea that for as many people as possible.


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