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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The food is associated with comfort, security and comfort that is so tempting, if life is boring, full of stress or loneliness. We use food as dealing with feelings and unpleasant emotions. Food, like drugs or alcohol, emotional pain can be dull or temporary mental vacuum filled. Self-help techniques peuvent aider la chae, terme, pour la cuisine et frigo: 1) note. Keep a food diary, record everything you eat, where, when, why, the state of mind when you eat alone. 2) a list of your triggers. Make a list of problematic situations, food and feelings. Once you have the profile, you can order the publication. 3) your cravings. Many people eat when they are very tired and thirsty. Learn to distinguish between the real body signals hunger or nutritional needs and emotional triggers to eat. With the emotional triggers that can distract you with a walk or anything else. If you choose appropriate, for example, under arrest, if you for the food industry. Remember that the urge to spend about twenty minutes. 4) food mindfully. Choose a place to eat in the house. Enjoy your meal. No other activities - especially radio and television - while you eat. 5) learn to cope with stress. Regular exercise helps. You can use deep breathing or meditation at any time and anywhere to help you with desire. Finally, positive thinking.

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