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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Im New!

Hey, I'm Aaron. I am 15 and 1 / 3 years. My highest weight about 206 and this morning, 2 November 2008 weighed 204 pounds.

I'm 5 feet tall. (for my age.)

I'm losing weight TODAY November 2nd and in the hope of achieving my goal of 110 books from the 7th June 2009 (Sunday).

which gives me 217 days-or-(31 weeks) to lose about 94 pounds.

This is about 3 pounds per week.

I eat about 500 calories per day. (I know it sounds bad, but I'm really full of about 500 calories).

My mother is teaching me and soon their members in the gymnasium of the YMCA.

E-mail me questions! I love talking to people who lose weight !!!!!!!